Current Courses: AY 2019-2020

Literature & Society: Women in Horror

Scary Window Silhouette
Course Components & Assignments:

Film viewing

Class Discussion

Response writing 

Comparative Research essay

"Transformation" essay  

This course examines representations of and narratives connected to women in the horror genre. Through examination of fairy tales, gothic literature, and contemporary films, students chart traditions and developments in how women are depicted in stories meant to scare and horrify, and what roles women have occupied in those stories over time. In writing and discussion, students explore questions surrounding the definition and development of horror and its unique generic conventions, how cultural contexts, movements, and anxieties shape the content and meaning of female-centered horror, and consider how these some contemporary examples might continue to evolve in the face of fluid and changing gender roles. 

Foundations of College Writing 

Laptop Writing

This course is designed to give students an introduction to college-level writing, including general research and writing principles. We will focus on the process of writing while thinking about audience, purpose, and genre for different writing situations. My sections of Foundations of College Writing accomplishes these goals by engrossing students in critical and analytical evaluation and critique of complicated, multimedia texts: movies.

Course Components & Assignments:

Various modes of writing practice, from informal responses, to research projects, to group presentations 

Topical focus on films and contemporary entertainment 

In-class writing activities

In the Queue:
Coming Summer 2020?

Female Filmmakers

Course  Components & Assignments:

Weekly film screenings

Informal writing responses

Writing Workshops

Multimedia group presentations